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A Manufacturers Representative firm.


We offer RF and Microwave components and services for our principals.

We represent premiere suppliers of RF, microwave components, and integrated assemblies.  We work with our customers to support and assist in their efforts to find the most cost-effective and compliant solutions to their design requirements.


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Manufacturers Represented

Our Line Card:

Most of the manufacturers below are represented in all territories covered, contact us for details


(401) 830-5420

LDMOS and GaN High Power Semiconductors for Aerospace & Defense, Broadcast, ISM, Mobile Broadband, and RF Energy markets.

Applications in Radar, RF power--up to 1200W/device, Medical, ATC, and Cellular base station.

Products available for commercial and military applications. 

Astron Wireless Technologies

(703) 450-5517

Custom and standard Antenna products, HF to mmwave frequencies for both commercial

and defense applications; such as SATCOM, ECM, SIGINT, C4ISR, etc.

Specializes in design thru manufacturing, prototype development, software modeling, and

testing of antennas.

DF systems using patented HESA (tm) direction finding technology.

Testing in outdoor range, and free space chamber.

Products available for commercial and military applications. 

Corning Gilbert

(800) 651-8869

GPO/GPPO/G3PO/G4PO/GMS/SGMS blind-mate Coaxial Connectors, connector arrays, connector blocks, tools, adapters, and high performance threaded connectors.

New tight pitch G4PO allows 0.070" pitch for high density applications.

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

(Brooks coverage excludes portions of Pa.--contact us for details)

EZ Form Cable Corp.

(203) 785-8215

Coaxial Cables, Delay Lines, RF Cable Connectors, and Cable assemblies in semi-rigid, flex, formable and armored cable, and test cables. 

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

(Brooks coverage excludes NY)

Lark Engineering

(949) 240-1233

RF and Microwave Filters, LC, Cavity, Ceramic, Switched Filters in Surface Mount, and

connectorized packaging for use in commercial and military applications.

Ultra-low profile products available; notch filters, Tunable filters, and notches.

Massachusetts Bay Technologies

(781) 344-8809

RF/Microwave Silicon diodes-abrupt tuning & multiplier varactors, step recovery diodes, PIN Beam Lead, High Power PIN diode, PIN diodes, limiter diodes, Schottky diodes, point contact

diodes, custom diodes, and discontinued diodes.

Silicon MIS, MIC chip capacitors, Binary chip capacitors, Silicon thin film resistors chips, AlN thin film attenuator pads, and Quartz Spiral Inductors.

Package assembly services and HI-REL testing to Space level.

ISO9001:2008 & ITAR Certified.

Mercury Systems-component group

Manteca site-(formally MiCA Microwave) (209) 825-3977

Ferrite products: Circulators, Isolators; single and dual junction; connectorized, drop-in, or surface mount.

Microwave Mixers: double and triple balanced.

VCO's: low cost SMT, hermetic, and connectorized.

Slope Equalizers.


Hudson site-(formally Micronetics) (603) 546-4100

Receiver Components: digital attenuators, phase shifters, switches, and IMA's.

High Power Products: High power PIN switches, Limiters to 1200W.

Noise Products: Sources, diodes, and modules.

Camarillo site-(formally MicroSemi RF modules) (805) 388-1345

Surface Mount Amplifiers 0.01-18GHz.

Connectorized Amplifiers 0.01-40GHz.

GaN Amplifier products.

High Power Amplifiers, rack mount, or individual to 3.7KW.

LNA's 0.01-40Ghz, SSPA's-broadband, and narrowband.

Ultra-low Phase Noise Amplifiers.

Multipliers and Up-Down Converters.

Transceivers and MFA's.

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

Smart Electronics


PCB Assembly; Electro-Mechanical Ass'y; Build to Print; Comprehensive test capabilities.

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

State of the Art (SOTA)

(814) 355-8004

Chip Resistors, Resistor Networks, and Attenuators.

TVA (temperature Variable Attenuators).

QPL, MIL PRF 55342, including S and T level for high reliability applications.

(Brooks coverage excludes NY)

Times Microwave Systems


Phase stable cables and assemblies; Low Loss cables and assemblies;
High Power cables and connectors;

Silverline Test cables, connectors, and Lightning/surge protectors.

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

(Brooks coverage excludes NY)

TRM Microwave

(603) 627-6000

Passive Components in Stripline and Lumped Element:

Now includes the Putnam RF component line of High power components covering to >3GHz and 12KWatt.

Power Dividers, Beamformers, Couplers, Hybrid dividers, and Integrated Networks.

Redundant NxM distribution networks; standard and custom requirements.

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

Weinschel Associates


Attenuators (fixed and variable), Terminations (1-1KW), Digital Attenuators, RF Adapters, DC Blocks, Resistive Power Dividers, splitters, and RF tuners.
Product available for high power (1000Watts) and to 50GHz.

Products available for commercial, military, and space applications.

For information on any of the principals we represent, please contact us, or access the manufacturer directly with the links provided.

Many of our principals are currently supplying products qualified for spaceflight use; please contact us for further information

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A service driven rep firm supporting the customers of NJ/PA/NY

Our Business

Brooks Associates, Inc. represents RF and Microwave suppliers from across the United States.  We offer products designed for the commercial,

military, and space markets.

We work with design, systems, and component engineers beginning early in the concept phase of their work, and provide the link to the best components

and assemblies available to meet their goals.

Our company was founded in 1990, and continues to be a company driven by the goal of providing the best possible service to our customers in the tri-state region.

Who We Are

Larry Oh, president

Ed Gilhool, vice president

Mark Laskowski, Sales Executive

Mike Pastal, Sales Executive

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